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Hire Top Talent - Conduct a Background Check on Job Applicants

Hiring the right employees is even more important in a down economy. It’s reported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that an estimated 75% of employees have stolen from their employers at least once. Background checks are now considered a crucial screening element in the hiring process.

Luckily, we here at BackgroundCheckQuotes work to pre-screen top background check companies and match you to a vendor that will best serve your businesses needs.

What are the Benefits of Background Checks?

  • Decrease the Risks in Hiring: 17% of organizations have experienced an incident that could have been avoiding if a background check was performed.
  • Increase Quality of Hire: Weeding out unqualified applicants will lead to an improved value in hires.
  • Assure Compliance With Regulations: Screening programs work to help ensure that your organization’s hiring process is meeting local, state and federal guidelines.

Why us?

  • We provide you with background check price quotes that are personalized for your business.
  • BackgroundcheckQuotes arranges special offers from our partners to help your business get the best rates available!
  • We work with your small business to better understand your applicant screening needs and can provide advice and information when needed.
  • After answering a few simple questions about your organization, we will match you with a background check vendor that best suits your organization’s requirements.
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